Visual-Inertial Dataset

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Visual-Inertial Dataset

Dear Mathieu
I was trying to feed dataset-corridor1_512_16.bag( into RTABMAP, and
when I ran it, warnings showed some tf transforms doesn't exist.
My question is the source frame names are numbers like  11709754 in

 odometry: Could not get transform from camera_link to 11709754 (stamp=1520531862.907277) after 0.200000 seconds ("wait_for_transform_duration"=0.200000)!
Error="canTransform: source_frame 11709754 does not exist.. canTransform returned after 0.2015 timeout was 0.2."

I don't understand what it mean. I wonder if you
can help me? Plus, is there evaluation tool for Euroc dataset in RTABMAP?
Thank you.

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Re: Visual-Inertial Dataset


For Euroc dataset, see this offline tool:

For the frame error, can you show TF tree published by the rosbag?
$ roscore 
$ rosparam set use_sim_time true
$ rosbag play --clock dataset-corridor1_512_16.bag
$ rosrun tf view_frames
$ evince frames.pdf

you may have to change frame_id from camera_link to base link of the setup.